High Performance Success without Stress - Creating more wealth, health and happiness in your life and business.

Doug Gordon gets paid up to $15,000 doing this course live in companies. This 4 hour very to the point course will get you to the next level in terms of performance and energy levels.




LINKEDIN TESTIMONY: Bill Liao, Founder of weforest.org & coderdojo, 3x TED talker:


“Want to know how to get the best return on investment for you & your business? Want to increase your business growth & learn from a guy who tripled his sales to $1.75Bn in 1 year? Want to optimise your performance to get more done in less time with less stress? This is exactly what Doug Gordon speaks, coaches & teaches about. He helps you & your teams get into the “Flow” & be 500% more productive through his mindset programs, his action orientated techniques, his extensive knowledge from his investment career, his radio interviews with global leaders & his energy optimisation program to help you optimise your energy to optimise your performance in business & life.”



LINKEDIN TESTIMONY from Pat O'Sullivan, Senior Director at Dell Technologies:

I’ve worked with Doug as my executive coach for a number of months now. Doug brings a different perspective on how I can sell myself and my team through various channels. Doug is helping me challenge my status quo, working to define morning routines and set myself up for the day with meditation and affirmation statements (all good but can’t get my head around having a cold shower😊) Doug brings his usual vibrant energy and enthusiasm to the table every session and I’m usually bouncing afterwards. Doug doesn’t just focus on the business performance (strategy, networking, presentation skills etc ) but also on the supplementary environment – work/life balance, diet/nutrition and mindfulness. I have no hesitation in recommending Doug to anyone looking for an executive coach to help bring their game up to the next level!!


LINKEDIN TESTIMONY: Joe Pici - rated #1 in the world for sales training and speaking:

Doug is an incredible Speaker and Trainer. He has the ability toignite an audience to gain better Results. He is a master athelping people to to create the Success Mindset! Joe Pici Piciand Pici Inc


LINKEDIN TESTIMONY, Stuart Lancaster, Former England International Rugby Coach:

Doug gave me lots of practical ideas… And some really good advice in this area! He has a varied portfolio of coaching and leadership experiences and I would recommend him if you are looking for advice and guidance.


How to create the positive effect of the Knowing Mindset

How to use vision and goalsetting to create faster and more effectively.

How to Think Smart, Talk Smart to Work Smart to get more done in less time with less stress.

How to optimise your energy to optimise your performance in life and business.

Learn how to optimise your energy to optimise your performance in life and business.  Doug shares tips from over 150 CEOs, professional sportsman, film stars and multi-millionaires, that he has interviewed on his radio show. He also uses tips from being a ex national league sportsman and a master teacher of five modalities.

Power Meditation

Most top performers mediate to visualise their goals and to reduce stress to increase energy for performance.

Download Doug's personalized meditations that will help you improve your energy, in MP3 format and use them on your phone before going to bed and in the morning, to change your life from the inside out.

If you want to get the best return on your life and get more done in less time with less stress, then this its the course for you.


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